Why You Should Buy Estate Land For Sale Brisbane

Housing estates are a fantastic opportunity to simplify your lifestyle. They often come with fantastic gardens and ground maintenance, an organized rubbish removal system, and a great age range of residents living in these estates. If you are looking for land for sale Brisbane, you should consider purchasing within an estate. Before rushing in and going ahead with this idea, it is worth considering the benefits of living in an estate. You can view a selection of estate land for sale Brisbane on the Oxmar Properties website.
We invite you to continue reading to discover what these benefits are before you make your decision.


These days, estates often come with big houses on small blocks of lands. This means that there is not much room to have a garden. It is purposely designed this way so that residents do not have to worry about taking care of a garden.

Because the houses are all very close to each other, you’ll likely have the opportunity to get to know the residents in them. Before you know it, you could soon be getting that needed smile from someone else, or you to them, a friendly wave as you pass by, or amazing relationships that could last a lifetime.

The best estate land for sale Brisbane will give you a sense of community.

Estates have also been designed to have major areas for children to play in. You’ll even be able to take your dog for plenty of walks or take your elderly relation outside to enjoy some sun in a safe environment. The community of such estates are often more tight knit than the every day neighborhoods. If you are an older person and no longer employed, you may have opportunities to help the other residents of the estate out, or lend a tool or two to them if they need.


Security is one of the major attractions for those who are looking to live in an Estate. Estates can only be accessed through gates. Residents are required to let their own visitors into the area. This means that strangers are not able to get in at any time they like and cause unnecessary stress.


A benefit of buying estate land for sale Brisbane is that many estates are required to have their residents meet certain rules before they can come and live in them. Once you meet the rules and have been approved to move into an estate, you can be assured that the Estate will have a management that will look after anything that may need fixing. From street lights, nature strips, public areas, to your own building, you can be sure there will always be someone around to come and fix things up for you. If you do have lawns, then you can be sure that these will be taken care of for you. You will not have to do a thing to it.

These are just a few of the many benefits of living in an estate. If you are looking at building an estate yourself, then consider looking in Brisbane. Oxmar Properties has a variety of the best land for sale Brisbane has to offer those who are looking to build. Not only that, but the land in Brisbane is always more affordable than you can imagine. Why not have a look sometime. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Trending Engagement Rings Brisbane

Are you looking at getting an engagement ring for your partner? Selecting a suitable engagement ring for your partner can be quite overwhelming. The idea of engagement rings is that your partner will wear it for the rest of their life. A great place to start looking is Argyle Jewellers for a wide variety of quality engagement rings Brisbane.

These days, there is a vast array of designs to choose from. The only real way to choose out of these designs is to take your time in looking at what is out there. Never rush into choosing an engagement ring.

To assist you with this process, we have come up with a list of the latest trends. Not only that, but we have also come up with the trends that are still to come.
Please continue read on to find out what these are.

Pear Cut

The Pear Cut ring is incredibly unique. Its design appears to be that of a pear. Yet, it is still considered to be traditional.
From classic to elegant designs, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of options available. Why not consider a single pear solitaire shape, or go a bit further and go the pear-cut stone that comes with a halo over it. This is sure to impress your partner.

Distinctive Halos

These days, many customers are choosing vintage rings. As a result of this, we are not surprised that customers are selecting the halo-style engagement ring. If you’d like to go with this option, don’t just stick with the standard halo round diamond. Why not go one step further and go with an oval-shaped, or pear-square stone instead.
The good news is that the halo rings are suitable for those who cannot afford to spend too much.

Custom Made

If you are still having trouble selecting a suitable engagement ring for your partner, then consider purchasing a custom made one instead. This option is becoming increasingly popular. It will allow you to come up with your own size, design, color, and stones. If the engagement rings Brisbane currently offers are not perfect for your partner then a custom ring may be the best option for you.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is surprisingly one of the best rings out there. Not only as an everyday ring, but also for as an engagement ring choice.
There is a vast array of colors to go with, for this particular style. Why not consider going the yellow gold, the rose gold, or the white gold color. You choose what you think your partner will fall in love with.

These are just some of the latest styles and trends of engagement rings today.
The good news is that all of these engagement rings Brisbane are all available around various stores in Brisbane including Argyle Jewellers. In fact, Brisbane really is the best city to shop for the latest styles and trends of engagement rings today.

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Spoil Yourself at These Takapuna Shops

Takapuna is becoming an advanced shopping destination due to the revitalization of its unique shopping district in the city’s centre. Every city requires a mall, and Shore City is one of the leading North Shore malls. It opened in 1974 and currently has 70 retail markets, which include Farmers, The Body Shop and Esprit, as well as Mi Piaci and Overland shoe stores. Conveniently located among Takapuna shops and cafes, the mall is usually just a stroll along the waterfront and offers a lot of free stops for guests. If you have a day off or you are looking for something to do on the holidays, here are some reasons why you should go to Shore City Shopping Centre to spoil yourself.

Get Your Nails Done

Getting your nails done is a way to relax and express your personal style. ProfessioNail’s main purpose is to allow luxurious nail and nail polish applications at an affordable price. To keep your finger and toenails looking beautiful, a Professional Team will spoil your fingers and toes with precision and care. Nail technology administrations include acrylic and gel nails in the same way that a nail finish is cleaned for regular upkeep or a special event, it is all available at a reasonable price.

Relax with a Massage

Treat yourself to a regular massage at the Takapuna Shopping Centre. Rejuvenation Massage offers a number of useful remedies that use a number of conventional methods of back rubbing including hot stone massage and needle treatment.

Indulge with a relaxing massage at the Takapuna shops.

Book a Trip

Takapuna is a beautiful paradise in the summer, but if the winter weather is getting you down and you just want to treat yourself to something special, take a long weekend and book an incredible trip through flight centre. Booking a holiday is the perfect thing to look forward to while you are working hard every week. Flight Centre has a group of experts that provide the best airline prices and expert advice to allow you to treat yourself to a weekend getaway or a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

If you are sick of your usual routine and you want to take the opportunity to treat yourself, check out the Takapuna shops in the Shore City shopping centre. Some ways that you can get yourself a special treat to lift your spirits include getting your nails done, getting a relaxing massage, or booking a spontaneous holiday there are many ways you can treat yourself at the Shore City Shopping Centre.